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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Make mine lithium

Our favorite ride, the E-Cobra, by Hybrid Technologies, is making us sing the bod electric and why not, this super charged dynamo gets you there in style, with electrons to burn.

The E-Cobra features a unique Lithium Power System that makes it a sustainable zero emission two-wheel vehicle. This sleek, exceptional performance, electric motorcycle is ideal for personal transportation in urban areas.

Priced around $6000 the E-Cobra is cheap, sexy and environmentally "hot" - just like some of our best friends - and, with stats like these, it's bound to put you back on the mood for that easy ride.

    Speed: Up to 30 mph / 40 kph
    Range: 2 hrs@25 mph = 50 miles
    Power: 2 kilowatt in-wheel motor
    Charge Time: 2 hours full charge on 110V
    Total Weight: 210 lbs
    Batteries: 72V, 11Ah
    Battery Cycle Life: 1000+ fully discharged charges

The E-Cobra runs on a linked pack of lithium batteries - the same batteries that power up your fav lap top. Lithium is the lightest metal known and one of the most common in nature, no heavy metals here folks. HT's Martin Koebler was one of the first to demonstrate that Lithium packs can be used for performance vehicles. A veteran when it comes to Lithium batteries and a world expert with advance solar cells, his pioneering work in adapting this technology to alternative powered vehicles has spawned a revolution in zero emmission transportation.

A quick charge and your on your way clean, mean and green.