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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Vegetarian Week with The Naked Veg...Stay tuned

Monday May 24th begins "Vegetarian Week" a week long celebration of vegetarian cuisine, life style, healthy eating and community around the world. In a special week long feature The Green Cutting Board will, beginning tomorrow, publish an original gourmet vegetarian recipe along with news, updates and links to vegetarian events around the globe.

The chefs at "Cordon Vert" school in Manchester, UK, home of the Vegetarian Society, sponsors of Vegetarian Week have created seven original recipes and with permission we present them to you.

Please give a look and try each one for yourselves and send us your comments. If you are not vegetarian/vegan then we can't think of an easier or more delicious way to take a "taste drive."

If you need to get the kids from underfoot while your chefing away in the kitchen this Vegetarian Week here's a sure fire link bound to amuse and build a healthy appetite.