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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Martha Stewart, an American Pie

Vegetarians like to eat, of that I'm convinced. Whether they like to eat more than others can only be a matter of speculation, still, I'm inclined to go with the theory.

Hardly anyone is born vegetarian, it's a matter of socialization; no "vegetarian gene" here - except that I do have a niece who might be a candidate - we'll have to check her genome map later. Anyway vegetarians and vegans have this in common, they all started out as carnivores. Even if your last non-vegan meal was breast milk, you probably started out as a non-vegetarian, or at the very most a lacto-vegetarian.

Having said that I'd like to return to my original contention that vegetarians really like to eat. Why, because we made a choice, yeah, that's right, at some point in our lives we made a choice to drastically change a fundamental aspect of our existence, eating and that makes us well, committed and enthusiastic and hungry.

There are plenty-o-food gurus around ready, willing and able to satisfy any and all exotic palates: Atkins, South Beach, Cajun, Italian, The Fred Astaire diet (add a little Ginger to everything), problem is that almost no one with real star power ever showcased vegetarian/vegan cuisine, enter Martha.

For the first time ever, vegetarians had a diva to distract: hor'dourves, brunch, soup, salad, main course, dessert for two or twenty Martha did vegetarian and non with equal alacrity; it need only be great tasting and served in style. With that in mind we availed ourselves of a close-out bargain at Kmart and purchased our first ever set of Martha Stewart's "Every Day" cookware. It seemed only fitting, therefore, to dedicate this recipe to her: Martha Stewart Chili Pot Pie.