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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Pamela Anderson, Advocate

In a recent interview Canadian fashion model Pamela Anderson, vegetarian and star of Baywatch said, "I've found that going vegetarian is the best and easiest method of staying slim and sexy." Says Anderson, who's been a vegetarian since she was 16. "I hope to get the word out... that 'eating green' is good for animals and people."

Anderson has been defending animals since she was a little girl growing up in British Columbia, Canada. She raised such a ruckus when her father brought home a deer he had killed that he never hunted again. Years later, as the special guest of Prince Albert of Monaco, she inadvertently held up dinner at a glamorous ball when she asked for a vegetarian meal.

Anderson caught our eye last year when she posed for a PETA ad wearing a lettuce bikini, proclaiming "Turn Over a New Leaf, Try Vegetarian." Her considerable popularity, obvious talent for marketing and commitment to animals makes Pamela one of our picks for Veg Celeb of the year.