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Monday, November 01, 2004

Once in a while, just for fun

Every now and then it's fun to take a ride on Technorati and see the sites. This week we came up with 3 very different but really interesting locations.

The first is "No Wild Pets" by a writer in Canada who just happens to be on the lookout for stories about wild pets and the goof balls who keep them. The stories are sometimes fun, sometimes not but always curious and well worth the read if you care about wildlife and the planet.

Second on our tour is "Too Many Chefs", a brilliant chartreuse cacophony of too many links, too many recipes, too many comments and too many chefs.
While you're there don't forget to read their advertising policy. Come to think about it, perhaps they are not too many, perhaps they are juuust right.

For obvious reasons "Everybody Poops" brings up the rear on our list, but last in this case doesn't mean, well you know. There is something for everybody here, truly! Go visit, is the best advise we can give. This little snippet from their front page will probably find you listed:
"Everybody Poops is a friendly space for poop-lovers, vegetarians and vegans, feminists, GLBTQ, leftists, environmentalists, ecoterrorists, pacifists, anarchists, atheists and agnostics, artsy-fartsys, jazz listeners, and weirdos in general. Welcome!"