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Monday, February 14, 2005

Water,water everywhere

We've been thinking about water the last few days; what with the Kyoto Protocol coming due Wednesday, global warming, living and working on the Gulf Coast and well, you know, the whole concept of rising sea levels. We thought we would get out in front of the event and state unequivocally, and for the record that we won't complain until the water reaches our lower lip - and then, well... we're gonna mention it to somebody!

It may not seen critical to most coastal denizens who day into day watch the ebb and flow of tidal morning and eventide with predictable certainty, but global warming has a much more insidious/ominous effect. Fresh water from melting polar caps and high mountain glaciers sinks rapidly to the bottom layers of the world's oceans and in doing so interrupts the powerful energy train that conducts warm waters from the equator to cold northern latitudes thus maintaining the Earth's, our, air conditioned planet.

The atmosphere responds with precision to the dance of the seas and we are plagued by increasing tornadic forces - hurricanes, drought and floods. Kyoto may not represent a final solution, only an accord but it seems critical that some accord is now necessary if we are to survive the coming event.

Mention it to somebody.