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Monday, March 14, 2005

Our Lady of the Lake, or is it?

A Massachusetts company expects to get the federal government's OK to sell genetically enhanced salmon within the year.

Salmon may be among the first genetically altered species granted sanction by the USDA, another in their long list of hands-off decisions in favor of commercial producers at the expense of the environment and public interest.

The science is secure according to Massachusetts-based Aqua Bounty Technologies which developed the technology to farm raise rapid growth salmon. They claim 'secure' because the fish will be raised away from natural aquifers which might allow the genetically altered fish to escape and join the gene pool of wild salmon, a guarantee that has proven flawed time and again and cannot reliably be tested with any degree certainty.

History is fraught with example upon example of native species having been decimated by the accidental introduction of a non-indigenous animal or plant. Nature abhors a vacuum and when a new species is introduced, a vacuum is created. The new creature will find a way to survive, it's in the nature of life to survive and, to reproduce. Even rendering the salmon theoretically incapable of reproduction holds no promise, there are natural instances of asexual reproduction among various species, the science is still out.