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Thursday, December 29, 2005

You OK man?

Nissan Motor Co. announced it will introduce a new concept car the 'Urge' in January at the Detroit Auto Show. The Urge comes equipped with an Xbox 360 gaming system by Microsoft, enabling the owner to use the steering wheel, brake and gas pedals to play 'Project Gotham Racing 3' by Microsoft on a 7" drop down LCD monitor, presumably while parked.

Nissan Corp calculates that the Urge will appeal to 20-30 somethings who should like the idea of getting a twofer with the purchase of their new Nissan. We wonder how long it will take hackers to do a work around on the "only while parked" feature.

Meanwhile in response to consumer demand GM today announced the introduction of their new concept car the Viper designed for male drivers 45 and over. The Viper comes standard equipped, GM says, with a defense package including a laser cannon and several as yet undisclosed target tracking features. The Viper was originally developed in cooperation with the US army and the Department of Defense.