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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Carnival of the Green

This 16th edition of the Carnival of the Green is dedicated to the Spirit of New Orleans, home of the original “Carnival,” Mardi Gras. Tomorrow is “Fat Tuesday,” and so from all of us in the Carnival of the Green we wish the people of the Gulf Coast and disaster victims everywhere a greener, brighter new year.

Thanks to Elisa and all the "Workerbees" over at Hip & Zep Pen for a superb Carnival last week, great folks those Bees.

And now, without further ado… on with the show.


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The Naked Vegetarian is pleased to be the purveyor of this week’s “Carnival of the Green” which is now in its sixteenth serving (sweet 16 and never been frisked). This Carnival of “wondrous” Greens is brought to you by the outstanding collaborative team of City Hippy (a gentleman from England) and TriplePundit (a gentleman from San Francisco.)

This carnival kicks off in grand style with a sister act, new to the carnie. Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and meet Mandie Rose and Ann a couple of organic farmers who are sure to please your ‘common’ sense as well as your eye with their amazing tales of sustainable craft and a gallery of, ahemm, shall we just say “nature” photos, if you take my meaning.

First, you’ll be Captivated by Mandie with her tales from the garden she likes to call,
1. My Plot.

Then marvel as man and animal prevail over nature in a struggle to achieve sustainable logging practices and then be intoxicated by ancient, mystical rites of the mushroom by Ann of 2. Rose Mountain Farm.

Say, that reminds me - have you heard the one about the organic farmer’s daughters…

Next, prepare to be astounded and amazed by the power of reason and intellect when you meet “Professor,” Stentor (Danielson)from Debitage. He’ll educate and surmise ya, he’ll provoke and hypnotize with his erudite hypothesize on the debate between the GEs and the nons in his 3. “Trust Versus Information in the GE Food Debate” at debitage. (I only spent an a few minutes with The Professor and I learned this,)

“d-e-b-i-t-a-g-e, “Flinty little leftover sharp things – debitage…”

“Gypsies, tramps and thieves you’d hear it from the town…” Well now the town, taxman is gonna come around and you won’t have to lay your money down – at least not so much. Tracy and the crew at EcoStreet found a tiny little loop hole just in time for tax season - if your in the UK - from the good folks at “green alliance.” Worth the read, maybe us Yanks can learn a thing or two from this post, 4. Energy Efficiency Up, Council Tax Down?

Now, that’s what I call a “Concession stand.” Beer and chips, ₤2.70

Ladies grab your fans as the good Dr. Ng, at the Advanced Molecular Biology Lab, UBC, CA this captivating tale of Islands in the Sun, heat islands that is, Urban melting pots and…well, come in and experience this one for yourself: 5. Climate Change In Urban Areas F.A.Q., By Lauren Paul Moccia. Plus, a special offer you can’t resist: enter a writing contest and become the sustainable star you know you are.

Come on in there fella, step up and pitch a tale and get your gal a cupie doll. Try your luck at our pitching bench, 3 balls just 25 cents - a winner every time, guaranteed. What ya got to lose friend, just two thin dimes and a nickle, the chance of a lifetime.

Next up, fresh from their latest “World Bank” tour, that internationally renowned troupe of acrobats, jugglers and high wire artists, the family World Bank Bloggers (otherwise known as the Private Sector Development Blog) present, live on your desk top
6. “Predicting climate change.” We warn you: someone from the audience may be selected to participate. Note: The Carnival makes no guarantees for the safety or well-being of its audience.

• 7. How best to enforce environmental standards? By Rachel Kyte

• 8. Responsibly managing globalization By Pablo Halkyard

• 9. Environmental and social standards: what to require? By Rachel Kyte

Watch transfixed as Pablo, Rachel and their daring band of bloggers directs your attention high over the center ring where you’ll witness a death defying act of global warming and all preformed, my friends, without a net - well, an internet, OK!

Meet them live, inside and, just maybe, too close for comfort. This week’s Carnival of the Green, sparing no expense, brings you two of the world’s most wondrous and famous of rarities, the genuine “Sustainable Activist.” Live on stage and interviewed by two of Carnival of the Greens’ most courageous performers, Nick ‘bring em back alive’ Aster and the renowned writer and explorer Jeff McIntire-Strasburg.

First, an interview with L.Hunter Lovins, by Nick Aster

“There are few figures in the environmental movement as inspiring or accomplished as L. Hunter Lovins.”
Nick Aster of Treehugger presents the first 10. interview in this two part series with Hunter and reveals much that is extraordinary about this woman who has been named a “Hero for the Planet” by Time Magazine, her work to achieve sustainability at the local level and her recent adventures in Afghanistan. Without further ado, sit back and have a read!

Next, a revealing look into the mind and methods of Skye Creative’s “Wildman” Shea Gunther by Sustainablog's Jeff McIntire-Strasburg for Greener Magazine 11. Green by Design: Skye Creative. From the deepest corporate jungles of sustainability and entrepreneurship, a place any saner man would never venture, intrepid explorer Jeff McIntire-Strasburg brings you the green habitat of Shea Gunther’s world.

Ladies and Gents, direct from the far frozen north, comes a tale of greed beyond the sea, of Olympic Gold and China to behold. For your sole entertainment and erudition, a tale is told and a plot doth thicken. We present, for the first time anywhere, Green Thinkers and their dastardly tale of 12. “Team Canada: Made in China” or as we like to call it, “HBC, To Who Won Woe” by Scott Smith.

Read all about it! LA news gets an ear full from Living Green in LA’s Melissa Mansfield. 13. Spending way too much time analyzing the local news is a throttle on review of 28 minutes, the author will never get back – funny piece and sadly all too true. We’ll chalk this one up under the category of public airways and talking heads pollution. Thanks, Melissa, for pointing out yet another environmental hazard.

And now the evening news, brought to you by those wonderful folks at the USDA. Always on the spot reporter George the “Dirty Greek” has breaking news that 14. National Forests To be Sold to Pay for Schools. It was announced… well heck, read the rest for yourself I gotta go see the man about a tree.

Turning now to the east coast, a ‘hotspot’ we love, and a little Miami Nice with this great post on “post” from Rebecca Carter from Greener Miami.Com 15. Get Greener, Miami! Stop Junk Mail. Rebecca tells us how to go postal and maybe help the environment in the process.

City Hippy turns 1, gets a bit gushy, assesses the year and asks a question to kick off year two: What do you think is the single biggest problem the world faces and how do we solve it? He gets some fantastic answers. Which should remind us all that Carnival is about nothing if it’s not about the future. With their Namaste then to the New Year, 16. “Acorns into mighty Oaks.”

Happy B-Day City, here’s one on ya.

Next, Ladies and Gentlemen, may we once again call your attention to the center ring where you will witness the strange, the bizarre, yes, even the unnatural. You may not believe your eyes! Ladies be advised to watch your children at all times and men may be tested beyond their manly endurance as Carnival of the Green proudly presents The Animal Broadcast Network’s own Nancy Lee and her amazing 17. “Designer dogs.” Take it away, Nancy!

Red Hots. Get ‘em while their hot

Oops, UPS is Elisa Camahort’s pick as best of show this week as Hip & Zen Pen praises this green version of United Parcel Service’s conversion to gas, no less, in Karen Clothier’s (love your name, Karen) 18. “UPS leads the Way. (Note: that’s not leads, phosphorous or chromiums… the way.)

Way Girl

Take a peek at the geek by the end of our Midway Lee Schnaiberg of Exuberant Pantaphobia and his mini video assembage. This one on called 19. Trike Taxi is sure to be fun for the whole family, enjoy the flick.

Last stop for this Carnival of the Green. We have one more to show, so before you go take a respectful moment to gather ‘round and “lay your money down” as the rev. Don Bosch from The Evangelical Ecologist preaches a little gospel and sells a couple bottles of Dr. Good” in his review of a new book by Tri Robinson, 20. Saving God’s Green Earth.

That’s all for this week folks. Thanks to all the “Carnies” for their contributions and a very special thanks to our visitors. See you next time as Carnival of the Green #17 heads off to Jacqui and Craig at Enviropundit, cha …cha…cha

The Carnival of the Green tour originated by City Hippy and TriplePundit. For more information on hosting a Carnival of the Green or contributing an article please visit the Carnival Announcement Page.

Thank you. Your host, The Naked Vegetarian

Mardi Gras Video 2006
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